Singles | 30s-40s | Oakley
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Most of us who aren't married have experienced the exhausting, stressful & sometimes painful beast of dating in the 2020s. I feel that a lot of us could be in a happier & healthier place if we unplugged & distanced ourselves from what the world claims as the right way to date and dissect what the bible says about men and women in preparation for a fully committed relationship. I've been listening to devotions on the topic and have learned a lot, often from angles or suggestions I've never considered. The following is a (shortened) group outline: - I plan on kicking off the group around July 15th. Please join the group as soon as you've decided to commit. I will be creating a GroupMe chat to communicate & will be adding members as they join - I like the idea of rotating homes to meet. If you're not comfortable with that, no worries - another can volunteer - I also like the idea of topic suggestions from the group, I am thinking of rotating topics for each meeting: "for the woman" & "for the man." I have studied and listened to devotions created for both males & females and found it helpful and interesting - There are many YouTube videos, devotions, and books on this topic, so planning discussion points won't be challenging at all - I also imagine group meet-ups to have fun (festivals, wine tasting events, concerts, sporting events, rock climbing, running, cycling etc.) and also to serve the area with acts of kindness (we grow by serving) - This group is created to encourage your growth in Christ, realize what is truly important, and recognize the secular noise that's overwhelming our senses and how to ignore it and develop a better YOU! - I've listed Oakley as the homesite and I live in the area, but you are still welcome even if you do not live in the Oakley area - It's important to note that the day & frequency will be left up to a vote. Once we are at the maximum capacity or close to full, I will be sending out an anonymous Google multiple-selection survey There is a list of house rules that I will be sending out to everyone who registers for this group, along with the GroupMe details and invite. Remember, this group is for both males and females. If you're fed up with the dating scene and want to learn more about how to focus on yourself so you can be a better version of yourself - SO THAT you can be a better boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse, then you've come to the right place ... I look forward to meeting everyone!

Adam B.