A Grief Rebuilding for Widows (women)|All Ages|Mason|3rd Thursday ea. month
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Grief Rebuilding: A sanctuary where hope takes root. For widows of all ages/stages, this is a place to unite in our shared journey through loss, finding solace and strength in companionship, nourishment, and the wisdom of God's Word. As we embrace the path of healing, we discover that "Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled becomes a tree of life," Psalm 13:12. Together, we strive to transform our deferred hopes into a vibrant, flourishing life. Join us for moments of reflection, laughter, and growth, as we occasionally intertwine our paths with the Grief Rebuilding for widowers, fostering a community where life's second spring can blossom! Join us on the third Thursday of every month from 6-8pm in the F1 volunteer room on the south side entrance .

Michelle O.