Faithful Leaders
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Welcome to the Faithful Leaders, a group of like-minded men who value family, faith, and our country while keeping an eye on the future. We gather to talk about our beliefs, leadership, and conservative values. Feel free to relax, enjoy a drink, or even a cigar, like I do. My habit of enjoying an occasional good cigar has stuck with me since my time in Iraq. During my service, our unit faced many challenges, and we had to confront and defeat over 300 enemy combatants. Sadly, we lost 23 comrades, and 37 others were wounded. This experience taught me the importance of making each day count. At our gatherings, we sometimes read from the Patriots' Bible, which gives us inspiration from scriptures that have guided leaders throughout history. We also share stories of bravery, wisdom, and the challenges we've faced in our leadership journeys. But it's not all serious talk. We also enjoy camaraderie and personal growth. Sometimes, we even challenge ourselves by taking cold plunges into 40-degree waters. It's a reminder that, just like iron sharpens iron, we make each other stronger through shared experiences. While we are rooted in our biblical values, we are open to discussing conservative politics. Four years ago, I felt called to get involved in public office, and I'm now entering my fifth year of elected service. This journey has taught me important lessons, including God's grace. If you're a man who wants to lead with faith, family, and patriotism, all while looking ahead to the future, we invite you to join us.

Mike L.