Singles | 30s-50s| Oakley |SALT
doing things meeting people growing spiritually
We are taking a break for the summer but will continue to meet up on Wednesdays to do things (Movies, board games, etc) This is a small group for middle aged singles. This is an open group intended for those looking to make new friends, build deeper relationships and study the scriptures. Each week one person from the group studies a chapter of the Bible and present what they learned to the group and we discuss. We meet in the Oakley campus lobby Wednesday at 6:30 pm. It is not necessary to attend every week, jump in whenever you have time! Group Name is SALT. Singles After the Lord Together. After you attend 3 times let me know and I’ll add you to our GroupMe to share Meme, prayers and weekend plans :) Please join the group so you can receive emails from me on location changes and on what table we find in Oakly lobby. We typically sit above the kids zone.

Vickie T.