Women and Wine of Dayton - Any Age
doing things meeting people growing spiritually
The purpose of the group is to allow women a space to share obstacles and joys with other women with a focus on God's love. It will give women a chance to slow down and connect with each other and share how we can support one another throughout the week. Our events will be very casual, sipping on wine (or water or bourbon) and diving into God's word and our reflections on how we see that in our everyday lives or times when it's hard to feel it. It's a space to keep things real and show up as we are, not as we think we should appear. We'll reflect on Sunday's message from church and let that springboard into any relevant conversation that anyone feels called to share. Any woman of any age, marital status, or background should join. It's a space to learn from each other and to see God in each of our lives and circumstances. Each week we'll tell each other one specific thing we want to work on to grow further into the person God calls us to be and support each other in that work. When the weather allows, campfire chats can happen.

Rebecca R.