Adventures in the Kitchen
doing things meeting people growing spiritually
In recent years I have started stretching my “culinary” muscles by embarking on new recipes that include foods that I am unfamiliar with and cooking methods that I thought too hard in the past. Sometimes, it turns out great and my whole family loves it and other times I crash and burn and we all hate it. But, we are trying so many new things and loving the variety on our plates each week (granted-some weeks my kids ask when we can have “normal” food again, lol).I want to open that up and share these experience with other women (or men-I know there are some out there!) in my community who are bored of the normal fare and want to try something new in a group setting. I want to explore different cultural foods, some of those scary recipes that seem impossible, and yes, there will be some good comfort food thrown in as well. Let's do this together and in the midst of it-get to know each other and talk about the goodness of God!I believe food and life go hand in hand.  I don't know about you, but with my large extended family-when we are together, we are in the kitchen cooking and baking and TALKING! Life is shared in that sacred space.If this interests you, reach out and lets connect! You can't beat Good Food, Good Company and a Great God!